Our Partners

  • Our distinguished partner, V4 Advisors is the leading company in Greenhouse Gas emission and climate change to ensure the financial, environmental, social and sustainable development viability of healthcare organizations in the region.
  • This partnership brings together thorough knowledge of the healthcare industry, offering state-of-the-art Safe Care Excellence Blueprint, which is designed to elevate the healthcare standards and introducing elements of sustainability to the healthcare sector, to improve carbon footprint and cost-reducing energy savings by deploying the only online tool certified with the “Built on GHG Protocol” in the region.
  • We partner with the Centre for Advanced Professional Practices (CAPP) to offer our clients an array of training and coaching programs tailored to the dentistry industry.
  • CAPP is an American Dental Association (ADA) CERP recognized provider specializing in CME and CPD dental education programs in the UAE, Singapore and Kuwait.
  • Together we deliver our core services in elevating the skills and expertise to our dentistry clients to make a positive impact on the standard of care and achieve patient and healthcare safety.

  • Our respected partner, Acorn Research is the regional office for Acorn Group (Canada). Acorn Research are recognized for their innovative expertise in a suite of research capabilities in design, feasibility studies, management consulting, artificial intelligence solutions and auditing to name but a few.
  • Together we pool our key talents to complement one another for the benefit of our clients with their clinical and professional needs.